Mindset: Overcome Your Fears to Live Your Dreams

Mindset: Overcome Your Fears to Live Your Dreams

The Miller Mindset: Episode # 0013

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On today’s show, we will be discussing the importance of overcoming fear in our mindset. Fear can be a powerful emotion that can hold us back from achieving our goals. In fact, studies have shown that fear can actually cost us in business.

The Miller Mindset: Episode 13

Fear Mindset

Let’s talk for a moment, about the fear of failure. Many people are so afraid of failing that they never even try to start their own business. This fear can be paralyzing and prevent people from pursuing their dreams.

For example, the Small Business Administration conducted a study a few years back and found that 50% of small businesses fail within the first five years. Furthermore, this study sought to understand the reasons behind such a high rate of failure, and do you know what they found to be the number one culprit? It was that the owners were, in most cases, too afraid to take risks and try new things. They played it safe, and as a result they played it safe right to last place.

Playing It Safe Will Not Get You There

Folks, remember something when your out there working for your future and you think to yourself, “I should just play it safe here.” History doesn’t remember those who played it safe. History remembers those who went for it. Those who ran into the flames while others were fleeing for their lives. Those who took on the challenge that everyone said couldn’t be done. People told Henry Ford he couldn’t mass produce an automobile and make it affordable for the everyday American family as well. But then he did it.

People told Steve Jobs he couldn’t make a computer be elegant and easy for the everyday college or high school kid to use. But then he did it. Again, they told jobs you can’t put an entire computer into a phone in someone’s pocket. But then he did that too.

Julius Caesar was a mere Army General, ordered to stop and sentenced to death by the Roman Senate. Had he obeyed those orders, or allowed himself to be killed, no one today would even know his name. But didn’t did he. In fact he led his Army across the Rubicon and took Rome for his own, replaced the Senate which had condemned him to death, and became the owner of the very name which is today, synonymous with our word for King.

History remembers those who took the risks. It doesn’t have room for those who play it safe. Remember that, and wrap your mind around it. Go out there and get what you want, and never hold back.

Success is No Accident

Whatever you want in life, you can get it with the right mindset, training, and direction.

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Mindset of Fearing Rejection

Another example of how fears cost someone in their business and in their careers. I’m talking about the fear of rejection. This fear can prevent people from reaching out to potential clients or partners. They may be afraid of being told no or being seen as a nuisance. However, this fear can cost them valuable opportunities.

For instance, a salesperson who is too afraid to make cold calls may miss out on potential clients who could have helped their business grow. Have you ever skipped a house, or a business just because there was a sign by the door that read “No Solicitors”. Many have, and I can tell you it was a mistake. Let me tell you something. Those signs don’t just come with the property when they buy the place you know.

This is a product they had to take their time to go out and purchase, or have printed up, and then post it on their door. Why do you think they do this? In my experience as a door-to-door salesman for more than 30 years, and top salesperson in my State, and Region for several major National and Global Companies, I am uniquely qualified to explain this to you.

The reason that the majority of them do it is because they are tired of buying things from people who come to their door. And why are they tired of it? Because they know that they have a difficult time saying no and turning the shiny little bobble in front of them away. 18 times out of 20, you’re going to meet with little to no resistance in these situations, and your sale will be all but guaranteed because you did not allow something as trivial as a sign get in your way.

Be Bold, and Speak Out

Overcoming fear can pay off big for you in business. Overcoming your fears about speaking in public is a terrific example of this. Many people have a fear of speaking in front of others, but those who overcome this fear can see great rewards in their career.

For example, a CEO who is able to confidently give presentations may be able to land more clients or secure greater investments for their company. A nobody, fresh out of college amasses millions of followers and becomes an overnight influencer because they decided to get on stage and talk about their passion.

With risk comes the equal potential for both failure, and reward. Roll the dice. Take the risk. The worst that can happen is that you mess it up and leave no better off that you were at that moment. The other side of that coin however, leads to notoriety, fame, and fortune.

Caution is Prudent, but Don’t let it be Crippling

Don’t misunderstand me here however. Caution and calculation is still important. If someone asked me to jump off a bridge as an example, I would not likely entertain that idea. But while it’s important to be cautious, those who are too afraid to take risks may miss out on valuable opportunities.

For instance, a business owner who is too afraid to invest in new technology may fall behind their competitors who are more willing to take risks and innovate. There was a sign posted on the exit door in a shop I worked in a long time ago. I saw it every time I left that office, and I really liked the message it sent me out with. The Sign read,

“Take good care of your customers today or someone else will be taking good care of them tomorrow.”

Think about that for a moment and let that sink in.


Well, that’s our show for today folks. I hope you enjoyed and and perhaps learned a little something that you found to be of value to you today. Remember, fear can be a powerful emotion that can hold us back in business. However, by overcoming our fears, we can see great rewards and achieve our goals. As Nelson Mandela once said, “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.” Thank you for tuning in to our podcast today.

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