Overcoming a Mindset of Failure

Overcoming a Mindset of Failure

The Miller Mindset: Episode # 0025

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On today’s show, we’ll be discussing failure. We’ve all experienced it in some way or another along our journeys through life, whether it’s a failed exam, a failed relationship, or a failed business.

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The question is, how do we come back from failure?

First and foremost, I think it’s important to remember that failure is not the end of the road. It’s merely a stepping stone towards success. You’ve got to keep your mind right and stay in the game if you want to be successful. This can be hard because emotions get in the way, as do financial hardships when things aren’t working. It will try your resolve and put your character under the microscope, but you must have a positive mindset to get through to the finish line.

The most successful people in the world have failed numerous times before they achieved their goals. Thomas Edison, the inventor of the lightbulb, failed over a thousand times before he finally succeeded. Henry Ford, and John D Rockefeller both underwent massive failures that nearly ruined them before they got it right as well. I, myself, have probably failed at least 3 times more than I have ever succeeded in business, but here I am now. So what does any of this tell you? Simply this. When and if you have failed at something, don’t give up. Keep pushing forward until you get it right. The solution is out there, and it’s only a matter of time until you find it… “If” you keep looking for it.

Failures are lessons.

The second thing I’ll tell you this. Failures are lessons. It’s important to learn from them. Take some time to reflect on what went wrong and what you could have done differently or better. Then, use that knowledge to improve and grow. Failure can be a great teacher if you’re willing to learn from it. In fact, I might even venture so far as to say that it is really the only way anyone ever learns anything of true importance.

Now, that’s about all I needed to say on this subject, but on the last episode I told you that I would impart a bit of wisdom on you and tell you my personal secret for getting your head back in the game when failures try to derail your mindset, so here it is.

My simple trick to overcome a mindset of failure and keep my head in the game!

Surround yourself with positivity. When things are bad, your subconscious mind starts talking to you, telling you things like: you are not good enough, you had no business trying to get ahead in the first place, you are never going to make it, you should just give it up and go get a job, and other useless things like that. These kinds of thoughts have literally killed people, so when you get into a place like that in your mind, you MUST stomp them out of your mindset and get your head back in the game fast. My trick for how to do that is to surround myself with people who believe in me and my abilities. Avoid negative people who bring you down completely.

Instead surround yourself with those who want to lift you up, help you succeed, and inspire your creativity. Doing this will help you maintain your positive mindset, and keep you moving when everything inside you is calling you a loser. You’re not a loser, and you need to surround yourself with others that will remind you of that. Believe in yourself, your experience, and your drive and dedication to pull you through. Remember, you’re capable of achieving great things as long as you stay in the game. Only when you give up do you truly fail.

I’m in 2 fantastic groups that help me achieve this. One of them is TW3 Systems. This is a group of professionals like myself who seek to build each other up, and collaborate to achieve success. You can find out more about the group at TW3systems.com.

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The second group is United Business Networks, and this group is more about building my business to achieve success through networking and collaboration, and access to resources to help me achieve my business goals. You can find more about them, and even get a FREE 5 Day Membership Evaluation to see if it is right for you at UnitedBusinessNetworks.org. I highly recommend them both.

Well, that’s our show for today folks. Remember, failure is not the end. It’s merely a stepping stone towards success. Learn from your failures, keep pushing forward, and surround yourself with positivity. You’ll come back stronger and more resilient than ever before, and you will prove to yourself that you deserve the success you are bound to achieve.

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