Mindset for Productivity: Revealing The Simple Truth

The Miller Mindset: Episode # 0004

Welcome to “The Miller Mindset”, a weekly podcast where we explore the power of positive thinking and its impact on our lives. Join me, Chris Miller, as we dive into such topics as goal- setting, overcoming obstacles, and developing a growth mindset. If you’re looking to improve your life and reach your full potential, then this podcast is for you. Don’t miss an episode. Be sure to subscribe today! On today’s show, we’re exploring the impact our mindset can have on our productivity, so let’s get into it.

Many of us struggle with slow productivity issues at one point or another, but did you know that your mindset plays a significant role in how productive you are on a daily basis? Studies have shown that people with a growth mindset, who believe they can learn and improve, tend to be more productive than those with a fixed mindset, who believe their abilities are limited.

One such study, published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, found that negative self-talk can decrease productivity dramatically.

The study involved several groups of participants operating under a fixed mindset, working to complete a task while engaging in negative self-talk. Oppositely, the study included similar group sets of participants operating under a growth mindset who engaged in positive self-talk while completing the same sets of tasks. Those who engaged in negative self-talk took longer to complete the task and made more mistakes than those operating with a growth mindset who engaged in positive self-talk.

So, what does that tell you?

It tells you that a growth mindset allows individuals to embrace challenges, persist through obstacles, and learn from failures.

On the other hand, a fixed mindset can lead to self-doubt, fear of failure, and a focus on proving oneself rather than improving. Don’t allow yourself to fall into that trap, because it can hinder your productivity and lead to feelings of frustration and dissatisfaction in your job and in your life as a whole.

So, how can you identify your pattern and pinpoint the moments when your mindset is allowing your productivity to slip? When we come back, I’ll give you a simple trick that can help you out, so stick around.

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Before the break, we discussed the power of mindset on our productivity, and I shared with you a study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that backs up the science behind it. Now, let’s talk about how you can ensure your day is productive by following one simple trick to keep on track. The trick is nothing more than to pay attention to your self-talk.

Are you telling yourself that you can’t do something or that it’s too hard for you?


Are you reframing challenges as opportunities to learn and grow from them?

Let me give you an example of what I mean.

Let’s take Jimmy for a second. Jimmy approaches things with a negative outlook and constantly tells himself “I’ll never be able to get this done in time” or “I’m not good enough at this.” Because of this negative self-talk that Jimmy gives himself when approaching his tasks, he frequently becomes discouraged and avoids taking on new challenges. Jimmy rarely completes his tasks on time, and feels like he can never get ahead in life.

However, Jimmy doesn’t have to look at the issues he is facing with such a negative lens. He can choose, for example, to flip the script by changing his negative self-talk to a positive, and improve his mindset in these matters. In doing so, Jimmy will find more enthusiasm and energy when approaching his work, and he can improve his productivity.

If, for instance, Jimmy were to replace his negative self-talk with positive affirmations such as “I’ve got plenty of time to do this”, instead of “I’ll never be able to get this done in time”, or “I am capable” instead of “I’m not good at this”, he could easily boost his confidence and motivation over time, and he would find that he can in fact handle things just fine. This, in turn, could lead to a more productive approach to his work overall, and an increased willingness to take on more and exciting new challenges in his career and his life overall.

By shifting your self-talk to a growth mindset, you can improve your productivity and achieve more for yourself just the same.

Remember that, while some things are outside of your control, your mindset is not one of those things. The mindset and self-talk that you live by is within your control to boost or deflate your day, and your productivity. With the right mindset, you can accomplish great things so pay attention to your self-talk and keep positive out there.

Well, that’s the show folks.

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