Introducing the New Big 5 Podcast Show for Business Growth

Big 5 Podcast Show with Terry Wilson, Chris Miller, Gary Greene, Bobby Christy, and Laurie Brown
Introducing the New Big 5 Podcast Show for Business Growth

Hey, TW3 Systems, Leader Tree, and Working At Home Facebook members, this is Chris Miller, and I’m excited today to announce the Big 5 Podcast as begun. If you are excited about the Big 5, which includes: myself, Terry Wilson, Bobby Christy, Gary Greene, and Laurie Brown, then you do not want to miss our first show coming out this week.

We’ll be discussing important topics such as:

  • Business and Market Trends
  • Leader Insights
  • Ideas for Future Business Growth
  • Discuss Important Tips to Get You Moving
  • Answer Questions from Members
  • Business Growth Mindset Discussions
  • and More!

I want you to go to this page & sign up right now to get alerted every single time we release a new episode. Also, you can ask your questions there as well, and we’ll answer them live during the show.

So get on over there & sign up right now so that you don’t forget. The Big 5 Podcast Show is here.

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