Say Goodbye to Cold Calling

Say Goodbye to Cold Calling
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I’ve been doing this sales thing for roughly 30 years or so now, and in all that time there is really only one piece of advice that I can tell you that is guaranteed to keep you at the top.

Always expect that the process will change and be ready to adapt. This simple little concept has served me well, year after precious year, for 3 decades now.

For example, back in the day, I had to buy a new pair of shoes every couple of months because I would wear them out walking door to door to find my prospects and get my sales made. Fast forward to today, with all of the new technologies available to us in the sales field. Over the past couple of weeks, one of my close friends and business associates and I have been secretly working on a new lead generation/sales automation process that takes cold calling for sales (dialing for dollars as we used to call it) and puts the process on steroids for us. Just check out these results from his first test run:

  • 1,000 calls made (on autopilot)
  • 8 Hot Leads generated (on autopilot)
  • 1 sale worth $1,650 generated (mostly automated but slightly manually at the end)
  • Total investment: $67
  • Total ROI after the first day was complete: 2,363%

These results are phenomenal!!! (And this campaign is still just getting started)

Imagine, having to do 1/10th of the work you normally have to do, never have a zero sale day again, and put 80% of your time back into your day to enjoy your success without compromising on results. That is the power of the tools and system we have developed here at the TW3 System. Our system puts the power of the internet into your sales process in a way like never before (from one simple interface). CRM, Email and Text Marketing, Live Chat and Chat Bot, Sales Funnels, Lead Targeting System, On-line Auto-Scheduler, In/Outbound Multi-line Call Center, easy Web-Builder Interface, and even a fully customizable platform to build/sell online courses, or conduct training programs for your team.

Sure, you can go out and find these out there on your own, but here’s the best part. The TW3 System puts all of that into one simplified and completely integrated platform. No more accounts and passwords all over the world to remember and setup, and update repeatedly. No more monthly fees here, and monthly fees there, adding up to hundreds if not thousands per month. Everything can now be available to you (and your ENTIRE sales team) for one low monthly fee of just $150 after setup.

$150/month!!! Just imagine how much you will be saving. Our members tell us that, on the average, becoming a TW3 Systems Member and putting all of these tools under one integrated system saves them about $400-$900 monthly. That comes to a cost benefit for their businesses of $4,800 – $10,800 per year!

So there it is in black and white folks.

  • More sales with less effort
  • Cut business costs by $4,800 – $10,800 per year (on the average)
  • Increase lead traffic and work the leads (on autopilot)
  • Put more power into you lead generation and sales process than you currently have right now for less money that you are currently paying monthly right now.
  • Don’t waste time, and energy having to update multiple accounts all around the world. Our system can even manage all of your social platforms from one simple interface.
  • Weekly Q&A and Training Meetings are available for you (and your Entire Team) to join.
  • Dedicated support staff, and the benefit of a dedicated system trainer specifically assigned to your account so you never get caught in the typical automated system loop of death.
  • 80% more time added back into your schedule while the system works on your behalf

If you think this sounds too good to be true, I hear you my friend. I would too honestly if I haven’t witnessed it working in action myself. Don’t just take my word on it though. Call us up, or just text the word demo to (321) 248-1035 and set an appointment to view a walkthrough of the TW3 System for yourself. IT will be the best decision you will ever make for your business. Trust me!

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