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I am super excited to announce today that a project that I have been working on, a project that has been dear to my heart for over a year now, is finally complete. I want to introduce you to United Business Networks. We are a National Networking Group with some truly amazing advantages over the competition.

What Can United Business Networks Do for My Business?

At United Business Networks, we offer true advantages, including:

  • On-line Community Access to network with other businesses just like yourself 24/7.
  • Group Zoom Meetings you can attend 2x every week.
  • Access to a sophisticated suite of automated business tools to help you do more in less time.
  • Discounts on Conference and Business Expo Tickets, Booth Rentals, Sponsorships, Merch, and more.
  • Discounts on Services your business needs, such as Web Hosting / Web Design, Business Funding, and More.

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TW3 Systems Case Study - Startup business finds success with friends
Case Study: Importance of Professional Networking Groups For Small Business Owners

Member Profile: Leveraging Collective Wisdom for Startup Success


Passionate entrepreneur at the helm of a dynamic startup venture. Driven by the desire to disrupt their industry, this member faced the unique challenges and uncertainties that come with launching and scaling a new business. With dreams of making a significant impact, they sought not only innovative solutions but also a supportive community of experienced like-minded business owners who understood and could provide guidance for the journey ahead of them as a new business owner.

Business Profile:

Industry: Technology and Innovation (Startup)

Nature: High-potential tech startup challenging industry norms

Years in Operation: Less than one year

Challenge Description: Navigating the Startup Landscape


In the fast-paced world of startups, challenges often arise unexpectedly. From funding and market validation to product development and customer acquisition, this member encountered hurdles that required creative problem-solving and strategic insights. Recognizing the importance of networking and collaboration, they sought a community where they could tap into collective wisdom and gain fresh perspectives.

Solution Provided: The Power of a Collaborative Community

Embracing the spirit of collaboration and collective knowledge, the member joined our business group to ensure the success of their business venture. Here, they discovered the true power of having a community of like-minded business owners who shared their goals, challenges, and aspirations. With a diverse array of industries represented, the group provided a fertile ground for cross-pollination of ideas and creative problem-solving.

  1. Weekly Group Meetings: The Hub of Shared Learning

One of the hallmarks of the membership is our weekly group meetings, where members gather virtually to discuss business trends, share new ideas, and offer support to one another. Through these meetings, this member was exposed to a wealth of insights that spanned a number of industries, providing valuable perspectives that they might not have encountered otherwise.


  1. Collaborative Problem-Solving: Tackling Challenges Head-On

On one particular occasion when this member faced a particularly daunting challenge, they found solace in the group’s collective experience. By presenting their obstacle during the meeting, they received a barrage of innovative solutions, each crafted from the unique backgrounds and expertise of their fellow members. This collaborative problem-solving approach led to the breakthrough they needed, which they admit would have been unlikely to emerge without the group’s workshopping of the issue.

  1. Access to Varied Skill Sets: Strengthening Weak Links

Startup business owners wear many hats, often juggling responsibilities across different domains. By being a part of our group, this member was able to tap into the specialized skill sets of other members who excelled in areas where they might have felt less confident. Whether it is digital marketing, financial planning, or operational efficiency, the collective expertise of the group can provide valuable guidance in tough situations.

  1. Mentorship and Support: Guiding Through Uncertainties

Beyond just the practical insights, this member found a network of mentors who were eager to share their experiences and provide guidance. From navigating funding options to fine-tuning product-market fit, having access to the varied experiences of these mentors helped them navigate the complex startup landscape with wisdom that only comes from having been in the member’s shoes before.

Outcome Achieved: Empowered by Collective Wisdom

Through their membership with our collaborative group of business leaders, this member achieved more than just solutions to specific challenges; they experienced a transformation in their approach to business. Armed with a community that celebrated successes, empathized with setbacks, and celebrated the spirit of entrepreneurship, the member felt empowered to take bolder steps forward in their business than they would have without the support of the group.

The Miller Firms and TW3 Systems Business Members Group

Unlock the Power of Collective Wisdom: Join Our Membership Group

Are you ready to experience the true potential of collaborative networking and shared learning? Join our membership today and become part of a dynamic community of like-minded business owners. Together, we can conquer challenges, celebrate successes, and assist you with embarking on your journey of entrepreneurship with the power of our collective wisdom by your side.

Cyber-Attack Ad
The Importance of Cyber Protection for Your Business

In today’s digital age, businesses are increasingly relying on online platforms to operate and communicate. However, with this increased use of technology comes the risk of cyber attacks and data breaches. It is crucial for companies to invest in cyber protection measures to ensure the safety and security of their sensitive information. One effective solution is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) and a  Virtual Private Server (VPS) service which offers enhanced security features such as firewall protection, regular software updates, and user-friendly management tools. By using a VPS, businesses can significantly reduce the risk of cyber attacks and protect their data from hackers and malicious actors.

Additionally, VPS services often come with round-the-clock technical support to ensure prompt resolution of any security issues. In today’s era of ever-increasing cyber threats, taking proactive steps to protect your business is essential for maintaining a secure and trustworthy online presence.

If you are thinking your business is too small to worry about a cyber-attack...YOU'RE WRONG.

My Business was Hacked in 2021, and I had to shut down and re-think my cyber security. We had 6 websites which all had to be taken down and re-coded. The process took 3 months. That’s 3 months that our on-line presence was not out there bringing in new business. The cost was huge. I wish I had acted sooner to protect our data, but I really didn’t think we were a large enough target for hackers. Turned out I was wrong.

Don’t make the same mistakes I did. I started learning about cyber-attackers and cyber-security at that point. I found out that having a VPN could have protected my private network and my files, but I also found out that my on-line files were FREE TO FIND by anyone with the knowhow for where to go looking because what I needed was a VPS for my business. My webhost wasn’t protecting me, or informing me. 

I had to wait for the hit before I found out. This all started because my webhost, BlueHost, didn’t secure my data on their networks. They told me they did, but it wasn’t true. The reality was that they were actively selling my data and information over and over and over again. The security sweeps to protect my information that they promised, and that I had been paying for each year turned out to be a lie as well. I found that out when my accounts were hacked. They actually told me this happens and that I could get it taken care of by purchasing another service from one of their partners. So essentially, what they meant by that was…

"HaHa sucker. You believed us and we got you."

Anyhow, that got me looking into another hosting provider, but this time I did my research. What I found out though, SHOCKED ME TO MY FOUNDATION.

As it turns out, most of the big name webhosts that we see and hear about every day do the EXACT SAME THINGS. They steal their client’s information and sell it to anyone who will buy it. Not only that, but they don’t even care who is buying it. Cyber-Criminals don’t have to hack you when they can just buy the key to your house.  So what was I to do?

Well the first thing I did was decide I needed to host my own information myself, and have full control over who can access my data. Secondly, I needed to encrypt, protect, and hide my data and my server from bad actors out there trying to take advantage of me, my business, and my clients. Thirdly, I figured out that I am not alone in this terrible circumstance.

I found the best VPN service available, after exhaustive research. They currently have an great deal going on right now if you want to use them to protect your assets as well. Click here to see their latest offer.

I also decided I needed to offer my new webhosting to other business owners like myself who have been burned as well by the lies of the big hosts.

That’s why I created WebHost Rocket. At Webhost Rocket, we NEVER sell your data. Not to an ad agency. Not to another business. Not to a competitor. Not to a criminal waiting to destroy your business. NEVER. It’s as simple as that. 

Additionally, security, reliability, and speed are our biggest concerns, and in that order. We provide our clients the ability to create and retrienve regular backups on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We have DDOS protection to protect your system from infiltration, Modification Security features, and more so that you can feel safe knowing your data and customer data is safe.

Our networks employ more than 800 servers housed in facilities right here in the USA, not India or Pakistan. These servers are continuously maintained and upgraded with the highest safeguards and equipment for the best possible performance. We also have redundant systems in place which we can switch a server to so that your site stays on line during times of trouble or maitenance. The bottom line is security and performance for your business.

That’s why I called it Business-Level WebHosting. The best part is, you can get it, along with the added piece of mind that comes from knowing your system and data are adequately protected (for REAL), for the low price of just $10/mo. Now, obviously you won’t get access to everything we can offer for just $10, but our plans start there, and you still get far more protection (even with the base plan) than with the other guys. 

The Importance of Professional Web Hosting for Your Business
The Importance of Professional Webhosting for Your Business

Webhosting in today’s digital age, having a website for your business is essential. But it’s not enough to just have a website – it’s important to have a professional web hosting service to ensure your website is reliable, fast, and secure.

The Benefits of Webhosting

One of the main benefits of professional web hosting is reliability. When you use a professional web hosting service, you can be confident that your website will be up and running 24/7. This is because professional web hosting providers have multiple servers and backup systems in place to ensure your website is always accessible. At Webhost Rocket, we’ve got you covered, with more than 80,000 US Based Servers, and counting!

Another important factor is speed. A slow website can be frustrating for visitors and can even hurt your search engine rankings. Professional web hosting services use high-speed servers and content delivery networks to ensure your website loads quickly, even during periods of high traffic. At Webhost Rocket we have 20 GB per second speeds, that’s Rocket Fast!


Additional Benefits of Webhosting through Webhost Rocket

Security. Security is a major concern for businesses when it comes to their on-line presence and just being on-line securely. With professional web hosting, you can be sure that your website is secure from cyber attacks and data breaches. Professional web hosting providers offer features like SSL certificates, firewalls, and malware scanning to keep your website safe. At Webhost Rocket we have always active DDOS protection as well as weekly security sweeps and available daily backups.

That will take great care of your business’ website, but were you also aware that businesses, even small one person operations, are at risk from cyber attack by just logging onto the internet to begin with? VPN service is a great option to protect you and your vital data. For more information about how you can secure your data while surfing the net, click here to see the product and company we recommend.

Finally, professional web hosting service offers technical support to help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise. This is especially important for businesses that rely on their website for sales and customer engagement. At Webhost Rocket, our customer support service has been heralded as “Most Responsive” by our business-class customers, showing that our dedication to customer support is just as important as our dedication to the tech.

In Conclusion

Investing in professional web hosting is crucial for any business that wants to establish a strong online presence. With reliable uptime, fast loading times, and top-notch security, you can be confident that your website is in good hands with Webhost Rocket. Here at Webhost Rocket we can help you get your website running Rocket Fast!

Announcing Our High Speed Cloud Dedicated Servers

On behalf of our entire team here at NameHero I’m proud to announce the launch of our high speed Cloud Dedicated Servers!

For the last several years we’ve been providing these to customers through special requests, those whom have outgrown their VPS or in need of dedicated resources, but now have four standard configurations that are available for instant deployment:

WebHost Rocket’s Cloud Based Servers

The setup and configuration process for these servers are nearly identical to our Professional Hosting packages with the big exception of having fully dedicated processors (more power).

Unlike a “traditional” dedicated server, these are build inside our high-speed cloud, meaning they’re not only deployed in real time, but can be scaled on-demand.

For example, you may start with the Standard Cloud only to find yourself needing a larger configuration due to increased business or resource usage. Therefore you can easily “scale up” to the Enhanced Cloud right inside the Webhost Rocket interface.

There is no migration or pro-longed downtime required. The entire process takes on average 15 – 30 minutes (longer for high disk usage) with only a couple of reboots.

Announcing New NVMe Managed Cloud Platform

Following the launch of our new business webhosting packages earlier this week, I’m proud to also announce the debut of our new NVMe Managed Cloud Platform!

After long and tedious searching and researching, testing, deploying, re-deploying, breaking/fixing, tweaking, optimizing, and more – we’re super excited to get this out to all of our loyal clients who have been waiting so patiently for soo long.  

To start, this proprietary platform was built with your business in mind.  Every piece of feedback sent into The Miller Firms Webhosting Dept. since we launched it in 2021 was taken into account to ensure we would be able to take our services up a notch specifically tailored to our business clientele to meet your specific needs.

The foundation of our new platform begins with top-of-the-line hardware, using AMD EPYC and Intel Gold CPUs equipped with NVMe storage drives (Raid 1 and Raid 1+0 arrays) inside of our 80,000 Server strong US Based Data Center in Lenexa, Kansas.  This is in addition to our multiple fiber paths to tier 1 bandwidth providers, with a minimum of, redundant 20Gbp/s uplinks in each hypervisor.  

Expensive hardware aside, our virtualization platform is conducted by The Deployer, a unique piece of software coded by our partner network, that has the capacity to deploy, monitor, scale, optimize, secure, and tweak individual VMs in real time.  The possibilities are endless – which we look forward to greatly expanding our service offerings in the next year.

Much of the last two months has been spent migrating a big portion of our existing VPS Hosting customers over to this platform, as I personally felt we were doing a disservice by not, despite the challenges that come along with migrations.

Going forward, all of our US based VPS hosting packages will be deployed onto our new platform (with most of our professional webhosting servers being deployed here the last 12 months) and we look forward to expanding to multiple locations across the globe in the coming years.

logo 2 - webhost rocket professional business hosting by the miller firms
Introducing Webhost Rocket

We are proud to introduce our newest member to The Miller Firms family of companies, Webhostrocket.com, a web hosting service that provides reliable and secure webhosting solutions specifically designed for businesses of all sizes. The Miller Firms is committed to providing the highest quality service to our clients, and with features such as unlimited storage and bandwidth, automatic website backups, and 24/7 customer support, and load speeds of 20GB/second, WebhostRocket.com is ready to meet the demand. We are confident that our business webhosting solutions from WebhostRocket.com will give your business the power and flexibility it needs to succeed in today’s marketplace.

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