Announcing Our High Speed Cloud Dedicated Servers

Announcing Our High Speed Cloud Dedicated Servers

On behalf of our entire team here at NameHero I’m proud to announce the launch of our high speed Cloud Dedicated Servers!

For the last several years we’ve been providing these to customers through special requests, those whom have outgrown their VPS or in need of dedicated resources, but now have four standard configurations that are available for instant deployment:

WebHost Rocket’s Cloud Based Servers

The setup and configuration process for these servers are nearly identical to our Professional Hosting packages with the big exception of having fully dedicated processors (more power).

Unlike a “traditional” dedicated server, these are build inside our high-speed cloud, meaning they’re not only deployed in real time, but can be scaled on-demand.

For example, you may start with the Standard Cloud only to find yourself needing a larger configuration due to increased business or resource usage. Therefore you can easily “scale up” to the Enhanced Cloud right inside the Webhost Rocket interface.

There is no migration or pro-longed downtime required. The entire process takes on average 15 – 30 minutes (longer for high disk usage) with only a couple of reboots.

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